Mayor and City Council

City Hall
2407 Avenue E
PO Box J
Phone: 785.658.2272
Fax: 785.658.2319
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Get Wilson

City Council Meetings:
1st & 3rd Monday
7:00 pm at City Hall
   If meeting falls on a City recognized holiday, the meeting will be on the Tuesday following.       
City Council Meeting Minutes


Michael J. Peschka


Departments - Police

Council Persons

Chuck Crawford


Departments - Streets

David Criswell


Departments - Water, Cemetery

Cindy Heinze

Council President

Departments - Finance

Darcy Hubka-Vopat


Departments - Parks, Recreation, Library

Ryan Stoppel


Departments - Sewer, Fire

City Employees and Others

Susan Kriley

City Clerk

Joe Soukup

City Superintendent

Josh Tipton

Chief of Police

Don Browning

Asst City Superintendent

Jennifer O'Hare

Municipal Court Judge

Theresa Staudinger

Peterson & Staudinger LLC

City Attorrney

Wilson Volunteer Fire Department

Chief: Joe Soukup

1st Asst Chief: Michael Ellis

2nd Asst Chief: Brad Schiermeyer